Geo-Sense Ltd has a long record of using geophysical investigation techniques that are both non-destructive and non-invasive: while Geo-Sense scans the subsurface or the structure, you are free to proceed with your regular activities and your productivity will not be reduced or even disrupted.

In our field, the success of a project is determined by the quality and the quantity of information gathered about the subsurface, as well as by the interpretation of data. Geo-Sense is committed, and equipped to provide you with both the most extensive information available as well as the most comprehensive expertise in interpretation. In order to optimize the gathering of information and to build up the best possible data base regarding the subsurface structure, Geo-Sense combines a series of sophisticated investigation methods and the latest geophysical technologies:

In order to further optimize data analysis and management Geo-Sense utilizes a Geographic Information System (GIS).