If you are an entrepreneur, a project manager, an engineer, a contractor or a geologist, an archeologist, a hydrologist, an environmental specialist or a legal expert, Geo-Sense will find a creative and innovative solution suited to your environmental and engineering needs. Our non-destructive investigation techniques allow you to continue with your regular activities without any disruption to productivity while providing the best, most cost-effective service.

Geo-Sense combines its unique expertise in subsurface and structural imaging and shallow geophysics with geotechnics and environmental geology to offer custom-made and comprehensive solutions in the fields of:


The expertise of Geo-Sense includes projects in the following areas:

  1. Geology and Geophysics
    Subsurface and structural mapping and detection, 3-D subsurface mapping, archaeology, lateral extent of borehole material, identification of "weak zones", motion monitoring, sinkhole and karst detection, rock quality assessment for tunneling, material extraction and quarrying, borehole analysis, uxo, and landmine detection.
  2. Construction and Engineering
    Subsurface mapping and analysis for infrastructure planning or foundation design, detection of cavities, location of material inhomogeneities, identification of pipes and lifelines, quality control (rock and concrete quality, fracture density, material continuity, void detection), failure analysis of roads and bridges, mountain road management and rehabilitation.
  3. Environment and Pollution
    Hazardous plume detection, leaks and seepages from pipes, tanks and reservoirs, pre- and post construction environmental impact studies, drinking water pollution assessment and quarry rehabilitation.
  4. Water and Geohydrology
    Mapping of soil moisture or water content, groundwater detection, identification of transition zones, aquifers and subsurface water channels, drinking water supply assessment, spring and source water quality control, design of protection zones for spring water.
  5. Natural Hazard Assessment & Mitigation
    Comprehensive hazard assessment and mitigationprograms or design of building codes for a region threatened by a specific hazard.
    1. Earthquakes
      Seismic hazard map design, earthquake hazard mitigation programs, strategies and education, lifelines and production line analysis, individual housing readiness.
      GeoSense confirms to the guidelines and recommendations of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with regards to the identification, development and implementation of measures to accomplish effective earthquake hazard risk reduction. These guidelines help in assessing vulnerability to earthquake damage and how such losses might be reduced by implementing preventive (mitigative) actions. Using these strategies, Geo-Sense analyzes, in advance, potential estimates of deaths, injuries, building damage, economic loss, and disruption to lifelines and critical facilities due to earth-quakes. Based on this analysis, we design and recommend to our clients measures to reduce expected losses.
    2. Landslides and Rockfalls
      Landslide monitoring, slope stabilization, cliff stability, rockfall protection, mudflow mitigation, road stabilization, slope stability and seismic hazard assessment, landslide and rockfall hazard maps.
  • Floods
    Flood hazard assessment, mitigation, river bank and river bed erosion control, flood control programs for streams, rainwater management for parking lots, sediment trap design, and anti-flood programs for the preservation of wildlife.
  1. Archeology 
    Detection of archeological remains before construction of buildings and infrastructures in order to avoid rescue excavations, optimizing antiquities preservation and digging operations, structure identification, layer separation and concentrations of remains.
  2. Special Applications
    Post-failure damage assessment and identification of failure triggers for legal purposes, forensics, security and pest-control.

Distribution of Geophysical Equipment

Beyond the extensive consulting services we offer in geophysics and earth sciences, Geo-Sense is also a distributor/representative of four leading manufacturers of geophysical equipment: